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The website Bank Liquidation is an initiative of Legal Floris LLC, a legal and financial advisory firm specialized in the provision of innovative and tailor-made solutions for victimized creditors in bank failure and investment fraud. Although the company is registered in the United States, Legal Floris LLC has a global reach serving customers all around the world.

Misunderstandings, uncertainties, and above all misinformation that leads to biased expectations triggered the inception of this informative website. The aim of this website is to give victims of bank failures and investment fraud sufficient information to understand what is about to come when the bank they used to hold their assets shuts down. Bank failure and bank liquidation follow a variety of rules that require close scrutiny to understand the specifics. This website aims to explain in laymen terms what to expect.

During recent years, Legal Floris LLC helped several hundred customers get their money back in bank failures in the Netherlands, Belgium, Latvia, Ukraine, Cyprus and Malta. Many others have already received a part of their assets returned and are waiting for a liquidation to begin. Also, victims of investment scams hired Legal Floris LLC to assist in the discovery and recovery procedures to retrieve their invested funds. Our portfolio covers an estimated 530 million USD in bank deposits and 220 million USD in invested funds currently held in blocked bank accounts, or hidden in secretive tax havens, that must be returned to the rightful owners. If you are a victim of a bank closure and you wish to discuss your case to understand the mechanics of bank liquidation further, do not hesitate to contact us via the contact form. We look forward to hearing from you!