The content on this website is prepared with utmost care. Yet, the information on this website is provided for information purposes only and therefore should not be seen as legal advice in any matter. You should consult an expert when your bank is about to fail or gets liquidated because your personal financial situation is important and there are no second chances in insolvency matters.

This website is owned by Legal Floris LLC, a US based boutique firm specializing in fund recovery services for creditors duped by bank failure and investment fraud. To avoid conflicts of interest, we only work for creditors, and collaborate where possible with banks, regulators, central banks and deposit guarantee schemes.

Although you can contact us via a contact form on the homepage, e-mail or telephone, a legally binding and contractual relationship is a mutual understanding that requires clear arrangements, captured in an agreement signed by both parties. As long as such agreement is not on place, there is no contractual relationship between a party and Legal Floris LLC.

It is our policy to conduct an honest and ethical business. Therefore, we avoid conflicts of interest. We do not engage in any business activities with debtors and creditor, whilst favoring creditors in their fund recovery process. We comply with anti-corruption and AML legislation and have a zero-tolerance approach to illicit conduct and therefore cannot and will not represent creditors whose assets are derived from criminal and otherwise illegal activities.

The most important general disclaimer in bank liquidation is that a curator, administrator or liquidator can only distribute available assets once.

This means that creditors who fail to submit their proof of debt and claim, or cannot meet the requirements, risk losing their rights to reclaim their full account balance or outstanding amount.