The Estonian Tagatisfond, or Deposit Guarantee Scheme (DGS), is a legal framework designed to safeguard the deposits of account holders in Estonian banks in the event of a bank’s failure. The primary purpose of this insurance mechanism is to maintain trust in the country’s financial system and prevent bank runs, which could lead to severe economic consequences. By ensuring the protection of depositors’ funds, the DGS encourages people to keep their savings in banks, thus promoting stability and security within the financial sector.

The deposit guarantee scheme in Estonia covers up to €100,000 per depositor, per bank. In the event of a bank’s insolvency, the Tagatisfond steps in to reimburse the account holders for their losses, up to the coverage limit. This safety net is vital because it provides a buffer against potential financial crises and helps maintain the overall health of Estonia’s economy. The system is financed by contributions from the participating banks, ensuring that the burden of guaranteeing deposits does not fall on taxpayers.

The Estonian Tagatisfond operates under the supervision of the Financial Supervisory Authority (FSA) and is managed by a council and an executive director. The council is responsible for strategic decision-making, while the executive director handles the daily operations of the organization.

The Tagatisfond office is located at the following address:

Roosikrantsi 2,
10119 Tallinn,

For further inquiries or assistance, you may contact the Tagatisfond via phone at +372 627 9700 or by email at [email protected].