Bank failure and bank liquidation are subjects that require attention. Creditors and other stakeholders have the proverbial right to get real information that enables them to act appropriately. In an era where fake news is abundantly available, it is our duty to inform the public with correct information and assist the media in this quest for reliable input that leads to quality output. This high-quality news coverage is necessary to allow creditors, who risk their life savings, make an educated and informed decision on moving forward and helps them to distinguish from biased and inappropriate guidance.

Legal Floris LLC is regularly consulted on the subject of financial crime, offshore banking, bank failure and bank liquidation by several media outlets such as CNN, the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, the Guardian, Reuters, the Financial Times, and the ICIJ Consortium, and is frequently quoted by Buzzfeed, OCCRP, Politico, and Tortoise Media. A list of references is available upon request. Our goal is not to receive favorable PR; we assist reliable media to publish high quality, well researched and ground breaking long-reads on subjects as financial crime, money laundering and bank failure.

Journalist and media outlets are invited to contact us via the contact form below or by telephone. Your inquiry is treated with care.